Hillview Veterinary Clinic, LLC

1761 Thornburg Lane
Franklin, IN 46131



Please call or text your name and cone # from your car when you arrive!


Due to Covid-19, we are doing curbside visits and the lobby is closed.  We are now allowing 1 owner wearing a mask to come into the exam room with the pet.  If you prefer to wait in your car, we will bring your pet inside for treatment.  Call from your car and we will run your prescription or food out to you.  Please tell us which cone number you are parked at and the number in which to reach you.  We can take your payment over the phone, or use our paypal account from your phone. Please inform us if anyone in contact with the pet has been ill.

If you are sick or believe you may have been exposed, please tell us, so we can stay safe handling your pet.  If you are an at risk person and have a problem with your pet, please call and talk to our staff. 

We will have reduced hours at this time.  8am to 5pm M,T,Th,F and 8am-12pm W,Sat   We will be closed between 12:15 and 1:15 for lunch.